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When the night makes colours

A multisensory children's exhibition about the night time world. It's the adaptation of a story written by Mona Paalanen and illustrated by Anni Pöyhönen. Previously on display in four different children's art centres around Finland.

When the night makes colours tells a story of Colournauts (Värinautit) Annu and Unna Autti who wake up in the middle of the night and realise that the colours have gone missing. The art exhibition adaptation of the story makes it possible for the visitor to step into the world of Annu and Unna and experience the story with interactive artworks.

The exhibition allows children to be involved in the experiences gained during the visit. Every artwork of the exhibition is touchable and tries to trigger experiences with different senses. The exhibition is environmental friendly created mostly with recycled materials and donations. Dialogue and interaction between the creators and different forms of art have been at the core of all the works done by Paalanen and Pöyhönen. In the exhibition the interaction happens also between the artworks and the visitors of the exhibition.

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